Meat Par Excellence

It all started back in 1900s Dublin, when a young man named Francis Xavier Buckley (or FX as his friends called him) had an idea. During this time he was working in his fathers butcher shop on Dorset Street. It was here where his knowledge in the craft of butchery grew into a passion for the meat business. His idea then was to follow in his father's footsteps and open up a butcher shop of his own, so that he could go on and make a good living for himself. Then in 1930 Frank opened up his first shop on Moore Street, as this area was bustling with business and the place to go for the people of Dublin to buy their food. And so FX Buckley butchers was established.

Eventually people from all over Leinster came to Moore Street to buy their meat, fruit, vegetables and flowers too. It thrived with business and at the time it was the busiest market street in Ireland with over twenty butcher shops in operation. The area was close to Frank's heart as only fifteen years earlier, during the 1916 rising, it was where five of the seven leaders of the rising hid out. Tom Clarke, Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, Sean MacDermott and Joseph Plunkett all took refuge in No. 16, before having to hand themselves over to the British forces. So it was not only close to Frank’s heart but to the people of Ireland also... and it still is to this day.

Frank went on to open up more shops around Dublin and his children followed on soon after. All thirteen of them! And when they were of age he taught some of them the butchery trade and how to run the family business, which begins with quality meat. Quality is what started off FX Buckley’s and that is exactly what has made it a brand that continues to be successful to this day. His sons and grandsons have gone on to run successful butchers which include the Talbot Street and Nutgrove shops and quality restaurants in Monkstown, Pembroke Street, Crow Street and Christchurch.

And it all started off here at our flagship shop on Moore Street. A traditional butcher shop where the meat is hung to perfection in the cellars and then prepared and cut on the premises by our craft butchers in the traditional way. Every day people travel from far and wide to visit our shop. They come to get the best beef, lamb, mutton, pork, bacon, venison, veal, poultry, rabbit, game and of course our famous sausages and puddings. Our customers come to get the best quality and value, admire our displays and enjoy the interaction with our butchers. It can bring you back in time walking down Moore Street with the history it holds, but if it’s just quality meat you're looking for, well you have come to the right place.

Patrick J Buckley

Owner and Master Butcher.